Darton program hours, fees and extra costs

  1. I was accepted to nursing school in Fall 2012, but declined due to the fact that I got a better paying job and decided to work another year to save money. I already have a bachelor's degree and a ton of student loans, so I would like to pay for nursing school out of pocket. I would like to attend the Cordele program, and work the whole time I'm in school. I have a long list of questions, and I haven't been able to get a direct answer from anybody at Darton. I know they get quite busy once the applications start rolling in! So here are my questions! Please let me know if you have any idea/know someone who could answer them! I know the hours of the classes each semester, but how are they spread out over the course of the week (all classes in one day, 2 half-days, etc.)? Do the classes require a lot of outside time for studying, or are students able to work while in school? If so, how many hours (pt or ft)? Besides tuition, what are the other possible extra costs(uniforms, books, etc.)? I would like to know these things before I apply again, and then realize I can't afford the program. Thanks!
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    I guess you passed the Hesi. I'm trying to aim at getting in Darton's May 2012 Program and I have to take the Hesi soon. How did you pass it. I have the hesi a2 book and I have studied and will study the entire book twice before my test. Just curious because I don't want to fail.