CSULB Science Prereqs - The Grades

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    I'm a pre-nursing student at CSULB, and this is my fourth semester of college (sophomore). Of the four sci prereqs, I took Chem first (in my second semester of college).

    For my first semester, I got all A's in GE classes, and moving on to second semester, I was not fully aware of how much more demanding a science class would be. I ended up getting a B in Chem (5 unit class)

    I feel confident that I will be able to get A's in Anatomy, Physio, (I'm taking both right now and doing well) and Micro (plan to take over this summer). I have stepped up my game and hopefully can maintain this focus.

    Anyway, my question is, with these potential grades, is it possible to be accepted into the CSULB nursing program?

    A's in Anatomy, Physio, and Micro (all 4 unit classes) and B in Chem (5 units).

    I'm aware that there are other components of the application, but I'm specifically wondering about the science GPA. I'm mostly worried because Chem is a 5 unit class while the rest are 4 unit classes.

    Also, with grades like this, what would be a safe TEAS score to have for both general and math?

    Thank you so much to those who read this. These thoughts have been bothering me for awhile.

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