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    Hello AN Community!!

    The school to which I've applied uses a critical thinking exam in addition to taking the TEAS to determine adimittance. Well... is there anyone that can tell me an idea of what is on this test? I've heard it's 40 questions in 40 minutes, so that alone has me anxious. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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    I did not have to take it last fall until after I was already in the program, but my best advise would be, google critical thinking practice test for entrance exam related to nursing school. i dont remember what was on it. I could also say if you have an I phone get yourself a couple of those free NCLEX RN apps or at least a cheap one, and try answering some of those questions, when you get it wrong READ THE RATIONALE as to why. It will build your Critical thinking. The Critical thinking test is not a knowlege test, its a kind of predictor that says you would either be able to think your way out of a situations quickly. Or make a rational guess quickly. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks GordonGirl!

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