College Freshman Pre-Nursing Gone Bad

  1. Ok I'm a Pre-Nursing Major right now @Georgia Southwestern State University and I'm just about done with my second semester. I did really bad last semester and in the classes I desperately need to get into the nursing program. Although I have got the GAP (guaranteed acceptance program) I would love to be on track with my grades...Please anybody please help me majorly on studying and balancing it with working. (because I also have a job) I have finals coming up soon in my Biology Lec. and Lab Classes so Studying techniques, future reference advise would be so helpful. I'm so discouraged off of my grades of my first year in college but at the same time I'm highly determined to get my BSN at least by 2017...Please help anything is available to me. Thank You Guys
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  3. by   priorities2
    Quit or reduce your hours at your job if needed. Your transcript is permanent, a few extra loans are less significant than failing school or doing very poorly.

    Utilize the school's study center/tutor lab for bio and chem.. I really struggled with those subjects and aced the courses by really using all the free tutoring my school offered. See what's available at your school!

    Most of all, have faith... you will be fine, and you are already guaranteed acceptance
  4. by   mskrisCNA2bRN
    You just have to come up with a plan you know your work schedule and you know when classes are and your test you should make time to study every day and focus more during upcoming exam times. Flash cards help tremendously and like the above post said utilize your resources at school. They're there to help you succeed. You should also join a study to help you out as well if you can find one but most importantly don't let working be the reason why you don't pass. Your education will take you so much further than the job you're working now. Keep the faith you can do it. I wish you the best of luck
  5. by   tikerraney
    Thanks so much guys! I will keeo faith and watch my schedule more closely....and take full advantage of my tutoring specially for biology! Lol
  6. by   MultiTasker33
    Working and going to school is tough, especially when you're serious about nursing school. My physiology instructor introduced us to a note taking method called "The Cornell Method". I never thought that this would make a difference, but it helped me tremendously because it kept everything very organized and easily accessible. Here's a link of what it looks like if you're interested: The Cornell Note Taking System*»*Homework Help Blog In the "cue' section you write the main topic, such as "mitochondria". Then in the "notes" section you write a summary of what is being said about it. I use the "summary" section at the bottom to tell myself which topics the instructor put the most emphasis on. Also, YouTube can be a great resource too. Good luck and get it up!