1. 0 Hello, I'm new to posting on the boards but have been reading a lot since deciding to change my career to the healthcare field. I have a BS in international business but would love to work in healthcare. I'm very interested in health promotion and nutrition education. I have been researching accelerated 2nd degree programs, and I am wondering about the value of these compared to CNL programs. Does anyone know of any programs that allow you to "specialize" your CNL studies? If I go the accelerated BSN route, I definitely plan on returning to school to become an advanced practice nurse--does CNL help/hurt this at all? I'm trying to think this out so I make the most of my time and can avoid being in school forever. Is there any drawback in terms of finding employment? I have read in other threads that CNL grads are pretty much considered the same as ABSN grads, but I want to make sure its not MORE difficult to find a job as a CNL? Anyone with any insight to offer on specific programs or nutrition education/wellness promotion options for nursing career would be great...thanks! nice to join the community!
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