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    I enrolled in CNA for the summer & I received a letter saying that I should purchase a white uniform & shoes & a watch with a second hand. Is it a regular nurse uniform or a specific one for CNA? Where can I find it? For the shoes, is it athletic shoes or what?

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  3. by   CinDRnyc
    usually the program you register for should give you information on where to purchase your uniform. i'm also doing the cna program this summer and it is through a community college, they had us buy our uniform from a scrub store because it has to be customized to the school.

  4. by   greenemeralda
    so where is that store?
  5. by   CinDRnyc
    well in arizona where i live they have stores called "scrub zone" or "apparel pro" but i'm not sure about other states. i say check with the cna program, give them a call.
  6. by   vintagemother
    My CNA school allowed us to buy our uniforms anywhere A's long A's we bought the right color. A lot of us went to the thrift store. Wal mart was kind of expensive. you will probably want to buy nice uniforms once you get a job, so I wouldn't spend more money than I had to on scrubs for CNA class. Once you know your size you can even buy online.I bought my watch from a medical supply store near a research hospital affiliated with a medical school. I bought a cute purple one with a large face and military and regular time. At the place I work, a lot of nurses wear large faced white watches- like juicy or g shock, I think.Re shoes: dansko is cool once you're working, if you can afford them. I haven't yet bought any. For CNA school and now whole I work, I designate 2 pairs of tennis shoes so I can alternate becausey feet sweat a lot and my feet and shoes will stink if I wear the same ones each day.When I worked and did clinicals in a skilled nursing facility, I only wore certain shoes because I was exposed to so much poop and had to hive showers daily , do I didn't want to wear shoes that I wore at the snf anywhere else.
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  7. by   nurse630
    My school sells the uniforms on campus because they are embroidered with the school name, so I can't help there. I would definitely call and xhexk as stated above. You don't want the extra hassle of purchasing the wrong thing. I got my shoes from Zappos and I ordered my watch from Amazon. I've also seem a good amount of inexpensive watches at Kohl's though. Makes sure you get a waterproof one so it's easier to wash your hands quick! I got walking/running type shoes. For shoes, I got Adidas Samoas.. they were the best I could find in all white with good reviews for being comfortable with all those hours on your feet running around. If you happen to go with those, make sure you order a half size smaller than what you normally wear!! Good luck