Charity School of Nursing Spring 2018

  1. Hi all! I am applying to CSN in Aug. for the Spring 2018 class. I just wanted to start a post to help answer questions and compare profile scores Does anyone know what the last application cut off was?
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  3. by   adriennejackson
    Hello JLeBlanc21
    I believe it was 65.
  4. by   JLeBlanc21
    Oh thats good. I have a 65 now but I am retaking the HESI. Trying for an 85 this time, I was only 2 points away.
  5. by   Kmims
    I am applying also to CSN in August for Spring 2018 class. I haven't taken the Hesi exam yet. I am super nervous..
  6. by   Courtney_17
    I'm applying for spring 2018 as well. I'm really nervous because my cumulative GPA isnt as high as I thought it would be, so it set me back. I have to get a 90 on the HESI to get a 65 profile score so I'm really stressing about that part. I really wanted to be at a 75, but I guess we will see. Hopefully I will get in.
  7. by   JLeBlanc21
    I lost 10 points because of getting an F in 2014, Im so nervous. I hope 65 is the cutoff but having a 70 would make me feel more comfortable when I apply. I went to the advising Wed and it helped I actually had more points than I thought. If I don't get in for Spring when I reapply I will have an AGS degree soo hopefully that will get me enough points to get in.
  8. by   Courtney_17
    I got an F last semester in Chemistry at LSU, and I emailed them because I retook it this semester and recieved a B+ and she told me that they wouldn't count it because Chemistry is not apart of their delgado's curriculum.
  9. by   JLeBlanc21
    Oh good that worked out. Mine was in psych so it counts, I stopped going but didn't withdraw. I don't know what I was thinking lol. I did re take it and made an A. It helped with the CSN GPA points at least.
  10. by   Courtney_17
    Yeah, but at least you retook it. Where are you taking the HESI?
  11. by   JLeBlanc21
    At DDC Westbank on 7/31. I might try to schedule one before then too, just incase I need it! I only have to make two more points so hopefully Ill only need to try one more time. Fingers crossed! You?
  12. by   Courtney_17
    How much is it? And how do you sign up for it? I was going to do it at the prometric place but it is $104 and i wanted to see how much it was at DCC first
  13. by   JLeBlanc21
    Thats a lot! its only $60 at DCC. At the west bank campus you can sign up at the testing center. Its in Larocca hall on the 3rd floor. Im not sure how to do it at the City park campus.
  14. by   Courtney_17
    Ooh okay. You sign up in person? Whenever I tried to do it online it was weird.