Chances of Getting into Nursing School?

  1. Hello! I am new to the forum, but as a prospective nursing student I have a lot of questions. I know that this question has been asked multiple times and it can never fully be answered with certainty or fully, but I thought it would worth a shot to describe my own personal situation. Alright so here we go....

    My educational background consists of the Running Start Program at my hometown's community college where I did receive an Associate's of Arts and graduated with a 3.9 GPA. I took classes everywhere from art history to medical genetics to precalc. to introductory anthropology courses - so my background there is broad, but solid. My high school GPA was a 3.6 (not sure if that will matter). Anyways, I transferred to a university within my state and began taking even more science courses as well as classes for my anthropology major. My first quarter here (away from my family for the first time) was severely rough. So long story short, I passed, but barely. Winter quarter I ended with a 3.8 so things were looking up. Spring quarter I took another turn for the worse and did not do well in my microbiology course. I then took organic chemistry in the summer and ended with a B-. I am in my senior year now where I will take the human A&P series and nutrition course. Currently my cumulative GPA is a 3.0

    Okay so now that you had to read all of that, I will ask my question. After graduation I plan to take a year off to work, volunteer, and re-take general chemistry, organic chemistry, and microbiology as well as a couple supporting courses to only boost my chances of admission. So as long as I do really well (>3.5) in that year after graduation at a community college, will I have a chance at a BSN or ABSN program? I know that schools have to count my previous classes into my overall GPA, but taking a look at individual classes, do I still have a chance? Thank you so much for reading all of this and taking the time to reply.
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    You should contact the schools you are interested in applying to and see what they say about your GPA and how they assess retaken classes. You need to rock your retake classes to show an upward trend in your grades. Also, depending on the school, they may have a lottery admission system or may emphasize letters of recommendation or medical/volunteer experience in their admission decisions, so make sure to make good contacts with the people you are volunteering with. Some schools may place a higher priority on your pre-requisite GPA and the last 60 units taken. You may also have to take a pre-admission test, like the TEAS, which can be a huge factor in admission decisions. Good luck on your journey to nursing school!