Can you become an LPN during ADN nursing school in Florida?

  1. I was wondering after a semester or year of nursing school, could one sit down for the lpn exam while in an ADN program. This is for Florida,thanks!
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  3. by   Boog'sCRRN246
    It's up to your program director. He/she has to sign the paperwork that is submitted to the BON.
  4. by   RNsRWe
    Contact your State BON. While I am not in FL, for comparison's sake I know that NY requires a nursing student to have received a minimum amount of course and clinical work prior to application to sit for NCLEX-PN, and depending on the college a student might not reach that until after the third semester of an ADN program. For instance, a student must have covered OB to sit for LPN exam, but a school might not have that until late in program.

    Call your BON for definitive answers