BSN at Malcolm X, I am Lost!

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    Hello Everyone, I registered at Malcolm X For BSN but I have to go through ATI Teas test, Have anyone get into this at Malcolm X...
    I Have an associate degree in science from Moraine Valley Community College, I will start in February 4th at Malcolm X to take a Biology 226 class!...
    malcolm X accepted all my classes and Said This is the only class i need to take now! But whats then! No Idea i live far away from the school and Whenever I call The Line gets disconnected
    Anyone can help or advice?

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    Malcom X College is not accredited by neither NLNAC nor CCNE. You should research on how a degree from a non-accredited school would impact continuing education into Master's or Doctoral degree in other institutions.

    NLNAC Accredited Nursing Programs

    CCNE - Accredited Programs

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