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  1. Hi Guys,

    I am attending BPCC for my ADN. I am freaking out because I made a "C" in A&P 1 and am just wondering is it going to be hard for me to get in clinical with it. I keep hearing all these horror stories about "C's" but am questioning is it really that bad! I have a "B" in Lab and would of had a "B" in lecture but I broke my arm. This is my first set of pre-req's and everyone keeps telling me it's just as bad to retake it, as it is to drop it. I just wants some advice. My school goes on the point system so I don't know if that is in or out of my favor. I know I was designed to be a nurse, my A&P teacher even told me that. I just don't want to be on the losing end when I apply for clinical. Current or past BPCC students advice would be liked but not necessary.
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  3. by   klm8489
    I have a friend who got into our nursing program with a C. My concern is that I have too many B's. our school is on the point system as well but they did away with the interviews.
  4. by   studentnurse32/80
    So what exactly is the point system?
  5. by   angeltod
    If you made a C in AP1 I would recommend a retake. If you are really pressed for time, a hybrid or an accelerated version may be for you. Think of AP1 as your foundation...do you want to "build" on a foundation that is solid or one with holes in it? A&P is one of the most important courses you'll have...plus this content is covered on the NLN. BPCC takes into consideration 1) your gpa in prereq courses 2) recommendation by staff 3) NLN scores.