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Wow Wow Wow......did I mention WOW? I was fortunate enough to go a few days ago while we were on vacation! It was so super cool, I am not in A&P yet, but I know it will definately help and I'd... Read More

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    Really sounds terrific. If I ever get a chance some day locally ...

    They used to have an exhibit in Philadelphia's Franklin Institute (???? long time ago, fuzzy on details) - the Human Heart. You would walk thru this big model that even lub-dubbed. It was a school bus trip they would do yearly or so.

    But I think my neatest experience was to attend a real autopsy. To have seen the body human for real was very memorable and awe inspiring for me. I would recommend it for any student if possible.

    I think the Philadelphia exhibit is still there.

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    Wow sounds like alot of you have enjoyed it as well, I agree though if you have not had the chance run don't walk....check it out!!!

    I also went to the one at the Luxor.....haha alone because my husband was not leaving the casion area to go look at body parts lol!!! But it was so worth it aqnd I splurged in the gift shop since he wasn't looking LMAO! I picked up like 2 books some great flash cards, a cute tote for school and an overpriced pen shaped like a shot lol!!!
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    I went in Baltimore a few years back... awesome!!! I wish they would bring it my way again since I am in A & P now.
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    I went about 6 months ago and it was AMAZING! Everything about the exhibit was just beyond words. I'll be traveling to Las Vegas next month and they will have the exhibit there, planning on going for a second time

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