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  1. I'm a sophmore at George Washington University double majoring in sociology and women's studies, minoring in anthropology. I've done a lot of research in wstu on the topic of midwifery and I'm thinking of changing my intended career path to become a CNM. My GPA is 3.58 (3.95 in my majors) and I think it will only continue to go up as I get more into my major work. Right now I'm a research assistant at the Institute for Women's Policy Research, I volunteer at Georgetown University Hospital in the Child Life Unit/NICU, and I'm very involved on campus.

    A lot of the accelerated BSN programs or direct entry master's programs seem to be geared more toward people trying to make a career shift. Do you think I have a good chance of being accepted to at least a few programs even though I won't have a whole lot of work experience/just got my BA? Is it better for me to do a direct entry program or an accelerated bsn and then apply for grad school?

    Any answers/suggestions are much appreciated!
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    if i were you i would just take my sciences and go straight into a nursing're only a sophomore. if that's what you want to do then why waste two years finishing this degree if you're only gonna go to ns anyways?

    i am assuming you've had college algebra and stats and most of your prereqs. so take your bio for health majors, ap 1 and 2, and micro and you should be set in like two semesters give or take a few courses.
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    There are plenty of students who graduate with a bachelors in a non nursing area and then immediately apply to the accelerated BSN and Direct Entry programs. I think perhaps the most important thing to consider is tuition. You are currently at a private university with a steep bill. The above mentioned nursing programs are not cheap at all, public schools with in state tuition are cheaper than privates. Consider how long you want to be in school and how much debt you wish to burden yourself with.
    Otherwise, keep up with what your are just finishing your third semester at college and have a long way to go!
    please just remember that you still have to take those classes whether you finish your degree or not. Getting a degree does not mean that you can jump straight into those still have to take the required prereqs. You can save yourself a LOT of money if you just use these remaining semesters to take the prereqs and change your major to prenursing so you can move on to whatever NS you want