Bakersfield College Fall 2019

  1. I know the program is still so far away but I decided to create a forum for us pre-nursing students at BC! I'm currently knocking out 3 prerequisites and will have 3 more remaining. I'm super excited to be on this journey! Let's talk!
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  3. by   Biochemvel
    Hi, if you're taking your prerequisites; keep those power point slides as they can help you when preparing to take the TEAS 6 exam. It's never too early to brush up on topics. Aside, try getting your cna, ect. Or volunteer hours so you can become competitive in the point system. I wish I had someone to tell me all of this ahead but I was the student who only thought my classes being done and the TEAS was enough. I'm applying for This Fall and not too confident on my gpa and no volunteer hours. Don't have my cna, I have my medical assistant registration.
  4. by   aubreygwendolyn
    Thanks for replying! Have you heard that BC changed their selection by merit? So it's based on GPAs and TEAS scores. I'm nto sure what you mean by volunteering hours and CNA work experience though? Last I checked BC does not require them in the process?