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    Hello Everyone,

    I have a question...................Is anyone waiting to start the LPN for Atlanta Tech. College. I have been on the waiting list since January of this year. I passed their Nursing entrance exam and I have meet all the pre-req's. I received a letter that I should be starting at least by January 2008 but when I call to see if they have anymore information they tell me they will send me a letter in the mail when I can start.

    Is anyone attending or waiting to start the LPN program. I was hpoing that since they let in 25 students every quarter it would be a little faster to start but maybe I just being too anxious.


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    I'm not familiar with Atlanta Tech, but maybe you should look into other schools. I'm pretty sure that Chattahoochee Tech doesn't do a waiting list. You apply, and either get accepted or rejected. At least you'd know when you were able to start! There's lots of LPN schools in the area. Check them out.

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