Are these good TEAS scores for IU BSN? Are these good TEAS scores for IU BSN? | allnurses

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Are these good TEAS scores for IU BSN?

  1. 0 So, I just got the results for my TEAS V exam. Are these good? I have a 4.0 and the only prerequisite I have left is anatomy, which I'm half done with.

    Adjusted Individual Total Score: 86.7%
    ATI Academic Preparedness Level: Advanced
    Percentile Rank - National: 97
    Percentile Rank - Program: 93

    Percentile Ranks (Subject):
    Reading: National-99 Program-98
    Math: National-92 Program-86
    Science: National-93 Program-86
    English/Language: National-94 Program-90
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    I believe they are very very good !!

    One word of advice though... maintaining a 4.0 GPA in nursing school is a rarety. Do not be dissapointed if you start getting A-, Bs, or Cs. Consider it part of the normal process. The critical thinking skills in nursing are difficult to master, but not impossible. Hang in there... while your pre-req grades are not an indication of how you'd do with pharmacology, med-surg, OB, peds, psych, etc... it does show you apply yourself to studies and that is a BIG plus for a nursing student.

    Best wishes !!!