APU Undergrad GPA requirements

  1. Hi everyone,

    This is my first time posting and I was hoping I could get some info from those of you that have been accepted or are currently in APU's nursing program--- specifically the ELM (entry level master's) program.

    Even though I went to a pretty competitive university, My undergrad GPA was not the greatest (2.6...yikes) as I had to work 2-3 jobs at an given time to pay for books, expenses, etc. I started taking the science pre-reqs Citrus College in 2009 and have been kicking butt, getting A's. I also am doing volunteer work as a clinical care extender. I'm wondering if anyone has gotten into APU's nursing program(s) with crappy undergrad GPA's. Any feedback would be helpful.

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  3. by   sgalletly
    I just started the ELM program on the Azusa campus in the fall. I think that most of us had pretty competitive undergrad GPA's. I went to a small liberal arts college with a pretty rigorous academic reputation and graduated with about a 3.5. I had a 4.0 with my science pre-reqs. That being said, don't cross APU off your list. explain your circumstances and show them that you can succeed.
    if you need to work while you are in the program I would look elsewhere. the people who have kids or are trying to hold down even part time or per diem work are struggling a little.