Apps to use during pre-reqs and nursing school?

  1. 0 Hello! I am going to be starting my pre-reqs soon and was wondering what apps you guys would recommend using to help with courses and through the nursing program itself?

    Thank you in advance for any posts!
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    Micromedex is a very good for looking up medications etc. There are also NCLEX apps to help prepare you with Qs that can be done anywhere so long as you have your phone with you.
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    I might be the minority here, but I didn't use any apps for my prereqs (Chemistry, A&P 1&2, Micro, Nutrition, etc). Evernote is touted as a great note taking app, and I do use it for other things, but for school I just take handwritten notes. *shock* I start nursing school in the fall so this might change but I doubt it.
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    The only app I used in my prereqs was iStudiez which is an calendar designed for students. It tracks classes, schedule, assignments and grades all in one place.
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    For studying anything, in general, I like That site is free if you stick with text, and only a few dollars if you want to use pictures, too. You log online using a computer to create your virtual flashcards. Various apps are compatible with quizlet so you can view them as flashcards on your phone. On the computer, you can also press a button that will create quizzes for you from the cards Multiple choice, matching, true/false, fill-in-the-blank). I liked using the quiz function the best, but I also used apps to study the flashcards. Quizlet tells you which apps are compatible with it.
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