Applying to TX A&M HSC-CON Fall 2013 help Applying to TX A&M HSC-CON Fall 2013 help | allnurses

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Applying to TX A&M HSC-CON Fall 2013 help

  1. 0 Hi, I'm applying for TX A&M HSC-CON's Fall 2013 semester.
    Their deadline is Feb 1, and I have submitted everything I needed to (apart from the Supplemental Application that they're going to send me via email). My main dilemma is anxiety about getting everything to arrive on time.

    Should I be worried that the application won't make it to the school in time? My transcript have been received by NursingCAS and HESI A2 scores were sent to the school a few weeks ago.

    Should I also ask them to send me the supplemental application via their school portal since they say it may take 5 weeks after application submission and the deadline is before that?

    Thank you so much for helping to ease my anxiety a bit.
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    Hi! I have also applied to Texas A&M HSC for 2013. I am (impatiently) awaiting acceptance. Have you heard anything?
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    Hopefully you were able to get all of your application information entered. I applied as well, and it was extremely stressful. Waiting on acceptance is even worse!!