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Hello fellow students! I am starting this post to see who all is finaly ready to apply for fall admission in the spring! I am taking Patho, genetics and two "extra" classes in the spring but I apply febuary 1-15th!(the extra... Read More

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    Me!!!!!!! I am finishing up my general education classes next semester (college algebra, statistics and nutrition) and in February can put in my application for an Associates to BSN completion program for the October 2013 start!

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    I am placing all my eggs in one basket. I am applying for an accelerated BSN program in January, that is set to begin Summer 2013. I will find out in February if I am accepted. I will have one in progress class, Pathophysiology.
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    I too am applying to an accelerated BSN program Deadline is December 1st. I will be taking Statistics in January.
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    I am applying to a BSN program in may (have to take my last few classes in spring). The deadline to apply is June 13, 2013 for spring 2014 semester.

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