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  1. Hi Everyone! So i am currently working as a Nurse Tech (CNA) at a local hospital! I have been working on my Pre-Reqs for the Nursing program at my local community college for the past 3 years and will be finished them this year and eligible to apply for the nursing program in the spring to start in the fall. It is a two year program which means i will be completing it in 2014.

    Here's the problem. My boyfriend is in the Coast Guard. We have been long distance for the past two years and will be until he graduates an officer in 2013. Then our plans are to get married and move together wherever he is stationed. It is my understanding that once i start the RN program at my school (if i get in) that i will have to complete it there. I can't transfer to another school near where he is stationed to finish it. is that right? I know that they are phasing out the LPN/LVN but i looked into getting my LPN first since that only takes a year, moving wherever we have too and then doing the LPN-RN program there wherever it may be. I also have thought about finishing up my pre reqs this year and then waiting to apply to nursing school wherever we will have to move however i did not think that would be smart because my pre reqs might not all transfer especially if we have to move far and we also wont know where we will be moving until shortly before we have to go.

    I know it makes sense to (if i get in) stay here and finish up that extra year of nursing school however i am trying to figure out if theres any way at alllll i can get my RN and not have to spend my first year married apart considering we will have been long distance for 4 years already at that point.

    Any advice anyone can give would be really great i just cant seem to figure out what to do or what is even possible to do!

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  3. by   caliotter3
    For the most part, one school will not take a transfer of nursing courses from another school. Best to make plans to attend at a school where you can complete the entire program.
  4. by   k8telynn
    Thanks for the reply! yeah that is what i figure i just wanted to see if maybe someone knew about a way to get your RN that i didnt that would make that possible! haha thank you
  5. by   gamecock_24
    Hi, I am currently in the type of predicament that you are in. My husband has decided to join the military so I am trying to figure out what I should do about nursing school. I am graduating with my Bachelor's Degree in December and have already applied to the local nursing program here. Now, I don't know if I will accept or not based on our situation. I just wanted to say that your not alone in your predicament.
  6. by   k8telynn
    well its really good to know i am not the only one faced with this decision and in this situation! I hope everything works out for you and wish you lots of luck!
  7. by   AshleyAmzing
    I'm a military wife and my suggestion to you is to wait to be with him until after you've completed your program of study. If your plan is to get married, do so, but stay where you are and finish your program. You've done 4 years, another year should be a piece of cake - although I know the pain of being apart from your loved one. It's difficult to spend that time apart, but trust me, you will want to stay put and earn your degree. You can take your licensure test where he is though. I have been chasing my RN degree for the past 7 years, 4 states and 4 colleges later, I'm finally going to be starting nursing school this January. I have told my husband that should he get orders, he's going to be doing a geographical bachelor tour. As much as I love my husband, I cannot continue this mouse and cat game. And after speaking to my professors, they also have stated that it's extremely hard to transfer from one nursing program to another.

    Best of luck!
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  8. by   k8telynn
    Thank You sooo much for your advice! I know that if i get accepted which i have a fair chance of getting in based on my grades so far that it would be stupid to turn it down just to have to wait another year! Plus i figure i can always stay with him over breaks and summer! It will be a really hard decision that i have to make but i know if i dont i will regret it! That is really amazing that you have been working on trying to get your RN for so long and awesome that you havent given up! thats really inspiring actually! I wish you the best of luck in Nursing school!
  9. by   michele742
    I have been married almost 19 years. I am 37 years old. I was married at 18 but we didn't have our first child until I was 29. Every decision we have made has been made together. Neither one of us makes a life-changing decision without the other. My advice, talk to your boyfriend about it...find out what his thoughts are.

    My opinion...since you have been patient and waiting for him to finish his goals long distance, its his turn to give back and wait for you to finish your degree (when you get in ). Marriage is all about give and take...making life decisions together, compromising, working together towards common goals even if your interests are different...coming together at the end of the day and planning the future. If he tells you to go for it...then take the bull by the horns and go full guns into nursing school. If he voices concerns and wants to start your life together once he graduates, nursing school will still be there two years from now Life means taking risks every once in a while.

    p.s. - I was supposed to go into nursing school in 2003...was pregnant and high risk so couldn't. We pushed my husband through his B.A. then M.A. and now he is finishing up his PhD....8 years later (and three children later) I'm applying again to nursing school.