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I applied to four schools this semester. I have no patience. The waiting is making me crazy. Does anyone have any information like how many seats are available for Baltimore City Community College. It would make me feel better to... Read More

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    Nothing yet. For what ever reason status is not given for at least a month from dead lines.
    BCCC should be sending out notice soon
    CCBC late April early May
    Carroll April 9
    Coppin mid summer.

    I would like to be accepted into BCCC they have a good 1st time board pass rate. They give you alot of tools to be successful at passing the first time.
    I plan to attend coppin after I complete my RN,AA to get my BSN but I still applied there now to have my paperwork together for when the time comes to transfer.

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    Hi rngraduate2014,

    Howard did their first lottery in the beginning of March and I just got my acceptance letter two days ago. I would suggest speaking to a nursing adviser from the schools you are waiting to hear from. They should be able to tell you how many seats are available, what their selection process is, and when you should expect to hear the good or bad news. Good luck!
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    Called BCCC finally spoke with a person. The results will not be mailed until next week. I am so anxious but I guess this is to teach me patience. :spin:
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    Awe, well I wish you the best of luck!

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