Anyone taking Microbiology Online Spring 2009?

  1. I am taking Microbiology Online (BIOL 232 Microbiology DL) at Ocean County College in New Jersey this spring. This one includes a "hands on lab" that is delivered to your home with a microscope.

    Is any one else taking this course or another online microbiology course. Let me know!

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  3. by   Tanguera
    I have a microscope that I used for an online microbiology course last semester. Contact me if you still need a microscope for next semester. Good luck with the course!

    600X Microscope with Adjustable Stage - Supertek Microscope (Like New)
    This is a 600 power monocular optical microscope. It was designed to require minimum maintenance and includes 4X, 10X, and 40X achromatic objective lenses and a 15X eyepiece with pointer. This is a low-maintenance, high-quality microscope that comes with an adjustable, co-axial mechanical stage that facilitates locating and moving specific slide sections into the viewing area. This is especially useful when using an oil immersion lens or when working at high powers of magnification.
    It has rack and pinion dual coarse and fine focus with built-in slip-clutch to protect the focusing mechanism and adjustable focusing tension. It also has a 4x4-inch stage with slide clips, sub stage adjustable diaphragm aperture, and sub stage light condenser. A safe LED light is included for illumination. Included is the Puck-Light Illuminator which can be used by removing the microscope's mirror and placing the puck light in the base of the microscope.
    Included is a 100X Immersion Lens as well as Immersion Oil. This 100-power, spring loaded, achromatic oil immersion lens in combination with a standard 15x wide-field eyepiece of the microscope produces 1500 power of magnification.
    Included are slides, blank slides, cover slips, and lens paper. I can also provide safranin, crystal violet stains, goggles, and some other related items that may be used for experiments.
    This microscope was the suggested microscope used for the General Microbiology Course (BIOL 216) at Cayuga Community College, NY for Fall Semester 2008. It was purchased in September 2008 and used at a private home for one semester for fewer than a dozen experiments. I am selling this for $140 (or best offer) if picked up from Queens, NY. I have the original box it came in and would be willing to ship it so long as you cover the full price for shipping. Please contact me with any questions you may have.
  4. by   JustKeepSmiling
    I'm taking it online! No lab though. My school has a study lab with scopes and slides, I plan to snoop around. I'm totally excited to take micro! This is going to be a good class.
  5. by   kalo
    an online micro class? does this satisfy the pre-req for university or just jc? i would really like to know because my JC micro class is full and i need it to get in to my prgram next fall.