Anyone apply to Pace(RN4), or College of New Rochelle, or LIU Brooklyn for Fall 2010?

  1. I am applying to LIU-Brooklyn, Pace University's RN4 program, and the College of New Rochelle for the Fall 2010 semester.

    I just wanted to know if anyone has gotten any news from any of these schools or if anyone else is applying to these programs.
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  3. by   MaryEMT
    I called CNR and the earliest we can expect to hear is June or so they told me!
  4. by   AccelCNL
    Is CNR the only school you applied to?

    Right now Pace is my top choice. I have m,y heart and mind set on going there. But at the same time financial aid will play a big role.
  5. by   MaryEMT
    My heart was set on CNR but I'm not sure anymore. I applied to MCPHS, NYU, Concordia and GWU as well. I got in to MCPHS. I haven't heard from anywhere else yet. CNR couldn't find any of my transcripts or recommendation later over a month after I had sent them. I called someone else and they still couldn't find it. I called back two days later and suddenly they had everything. This just seems strange to mean. When I asked if it would be possible to get an admission decision early the director of admissions very condescendingly told me no. A simple this is not our policy would have sufficed but she felt it necessary to explain what a deposit was (which is what I have to pay to another school before I hear from CNR) and that it worked just like a deposit on a car or house (really, my first bachelor's degree didn't teach me that). After I had said CNR has a great and rep and I want to go there over the other institution I got into she still had to emphasize how unfair it would be to the hundreds of other applicants. That with some other comments on this site and COLE in NY and tution costs are making me a little weary of CNR. But the main message I did get was no one would hear until after the May 21st deadline.
  6. by   poohka266
    That's quite interesting. I called CNR a few weeks ago and was told that letters go out the beginning of may, I'm confused why they tell someone else june or why the would even wait that long. Ahhh, these schools are so frustrating. Anybody know if NYU have been sending rejection letter? I know their acceptances letters are sent in batches, and then based on the number who decline acceptance they send any batch, but are they sending rejection letters? Or is it that once their slots have been filled they then notify the rest they've been rejected.
  7. by   MaryEMT
    I should clarify that I am applying to the fall start individual track program. I don't know that the deadlines and notification would be different for the summer start normal accelerated track or not? I would imagine that you would be notified earlier but if you have the same deadline of May 21st then I would think you wouldn't hear until after that time.