Any suggestions for reading/vocab study aids for NLN?

  1. Hi,
    I took NLN in June and got the composite score of 132. The problem is that my English is NOT my primary language and my reading score was really low.. I got Math and Science scores of 98 and 99%, but really bombed in Vocab/Reading comp section and because of the reading comprehension, I wasn't accepted in the Spring 2014. I'm planning to re take NLN in January 2014 to apply for the Fall 2014 and I don't know which study guide to use mainly for reading/vocab. Would GRE or SAT/ACT study guide work?

    For the last test, I only had 1 month to prepare so I used the review guide from NLN (the red covered book), Study guide from Kaplan, McGrow-Hill, Learning express and Barron. Because I had 1 month to study for NLN, I mainly studied the science section to refresh my memory with physics and chemistry. I studied the reading section too, but then I realized that there's no short cut for studying it so I just gave up.

    Any suggestions or recommendations for study guide to enhance the vocab/reading comp?
    I have 5 months to study on it (soley on reading/vocab), so any advises will be appreciated!
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  3. by   Cortney2013
    I used a site called to help study for my vocab's easy to follow and the words get harder the longer you study!!
  4. by   LittleRedOwl
    I used this:
    Toefl Vocabulary Word List, Common 500+ Words, Easy to Print, Practice

    & I scored a 141 on the NLN which was 97th percentile.

    Basically copy that list and paste it into a word document. As you learn a word take it off the list. You're done when you no longer have words to learn.
    Also google NLN vocab flashcards. Tons of people made online flashcards for the nln, just go through those too.

    I actually did see a few words on the test that were on that list.