Any Business Major Grads turned Nursing out there? - page 2

Are any of you recent college graduates who have a Bachelors in Business?? I've seen so many posts in the prenursing boards from science/tech majors, but haven't really seen any business people. Just wondering if there's any... Read More

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    I currently work for a bank on wall street. Im starting Nursing school in the spring...I cant tell you how excited I am. I love my boss and my co-workers but its just to unstable. Just yesterday there was an announcement about downsizing by letting go of 1,500 employees. I cant wait to finish my degree! Good luck to all as you start your new careers!

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    There are schools that have a degree programs available to students that have already a bachelors degree in other areas at least here in Houston, TX. I am working on the remainder of nursing prereq's. Yes, I have heard that Nursing classes are very difficult and competitive but I up for the challenge.

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