Anatomy and Physiology 2 study tips?

  1. I'm studying at the ivy tech campus.

    Ok.. There are sooo many people getting A's in Anatomy and Physiology... But I just can't seem to get an A. I've taken Anatomy and Physiology 1 two times already and I still get B's no matter what. So please help me! I'm taking anatomy and physiology 2 right now and I need tips. How many hours a day do you spend studying? What material do you primarily study: your notes, book..etc.. Can you tell me how you got an A? Could you maybe email over the study material you had to work with? Can you tell me what your average day was like. Thanks for the help.
    If you have any study material can you send it
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  3. by   maymusic04
    Hey I took A & P II 2 semesters ago and im not gonna lie; its hard to memorize every detail they might possibly throw at you on tests. I looked at a lot of videos to help me understand concepts (usually on youtube and u can even see people doing dissections) and I tried learning each body system by breaking it apart. First learning all the organs and then learning the parts within each organ. Just keep breaking it further down each time. And try saying it aloud without looking. Study groups can help. I was in a few of them because when you are teaching others what you know it helps you to retain the information and ofcourse you will get to learn things from others that you might have missed. Another piece of advice is listening to ur teacher more carefully because, although mine talked about things straight from the book, I noticed that they try to spend more time on topics that are covered on the test. My teacher would also say many things out loud that were never in my book or notes so i would write that stuff down and study it and they turned up on the test. When taking the tests don't rush yourself. Really think about all that you learned and decide which answer seems logical. Good luck!
  4. by   kimka
    I had to retake a&p II and I think I attribute it to my instructor not explaining things well enough. So what I did the second time around was after we covered stuff in class I went online and looked for other explanations, which really helped. Here is a source I used when I studied anatomy and physiology.

    And the thing that I really attribute to getting me an A was flash cards! They were convenient to study on the go. I would carry them to the the store and when I was in line waiting to check out I would go over them... They saved my life.
  5. by   DemonWings
    I would draw pictures with colored pencils of the different things I needed to memorize. For example, I would draw the structure of the heart, label all the valves and chambers ect, then I would draw the exact same picture only in place of the labels I would make a blank box, then I would staple the two papers together with the blank box one on the top. It was sooo easy to learn this way. Also, as you will realize once you get into nursing school, note cards are a must have. So with my picture drawings and my note cards I was able to get an A. I also read the book (I know, duh) and make outlines for the chapter. I would highlight in Yellow while I was reading on my own, then when going over it in class I would rehighlight in pink the stuff the instructor said was important, that was all that was highlighted in Orange (from the yellow mixed with the pink) I knew was stuff I needed to go over again. Good luck, you can do it!
  6. by   bigboi
    I used flashcard and youtube! They both work wonders.