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Hello Everyone, I am asking for help with my pre-nursing dilemma. I have just recently graduated in September of last year with my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration for Health care... Read More

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    Hate to be Debbie Downer here - - but...

    Withe the OP's GPA, it may be a struggle getting accepted into a reasonably priced nursing program.

    Wouldn't it be horrible to take out additional $40k in loans, struggle through your BSN, and then find yourself in exactly the same boat (unable to find a job)? Only now, you'd have doubled your student loan burden. That is definitely a probability unless the job outlook changes dramatically in the next couple of years. The poor job outlook just does not justify this level of financial risk, especially for a single mom.

    My advice - secure employment with your current degree. Pay off some of those loans and build up some economic security for yourself. You can take nursing pre-requisite classes at a local CC during this time. Later on, when you have improved your GPA and have some savings, you can take another run at nursing if that is what you really want to do. The job market may have changed by then.
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    I have a bachelor's degree and decided to go back to school to become a nurse. I decided to do the community college route since I have about 40K in student loans too. I decided that the student loans I took out in undergrad were the last student loans i was going to take out. EVER. That's one of the reasons why I didn't go straight to grad school.

    I was going to do RN at a local community college, but the waiting lists here are beyond ridiculous. I decided that I would do a LPN program first at another school (I'm going to start that in August. Right now I'm finishing my pre-reqs.) I get lottery assistance (I'm in SC) and I'm paying for that out of pocket.

    I will continue my nursing education after I complete my LPN diploma. A lot of people question my decision, but until they maintain the bills in my household, and finance my education, I'm going to do what fits my life journey and my finances.

    I wish you the best, and hope you find a solution that is good for you, your child, and your finances.
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    My recommendation would be to find a job and start paying down your present loans before taking out any more loans. There is no immediate date in which you need to be a RN; we have students in our Master's Entry program who started college in the 1970s.

    The general rule of thumb is that you should not owe more than what you can expect to earn as your first year annual salary.
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    My best advice is to rethink why you want to become a nurse and are you going to be able to pay off the loans. Just like yourself, I did my BS in Business and I started to do my pre-reqs in 2005-2006....finally I got into a ABSN program in 2011 and graduated in May of 2012. Currently, I am in 150k student loan debt..yup you got it, $150,000 in student loans. $40k for my previous degree and $110k for the ABSN. I went to a decent private university here in NYC and I still do not have a job. Its really hard to get jobs and now I am considering going back to school for my MSN, either this year or next yr simply because I cant get a job and there is a lot of competition. I wish I had become a nurse 5 yrs ago because at that time, jobs were easier to get vs. now. Before I went to get my ABSN, I had a decent job, decent pay but was laid off. And all i could think about is going back to school because I started to take my pre-reqs a while back. I dont regret it but really am upset that I am still yes its hard getting jobs and yes, the pay is not so great and yes, loans are insanely high. So definitely think about it and make the right decision for yourself. Good luck!

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