Am I capable in being an RN? - page 3

I got interested in nursing because I love to help people. I just feel satisfied when I go out and serve others, especially those who are hurt and broken, both physically and emotionally. However,... Read More

  1. by   ky88
    The only thing that would be preventing you from finding out whether you'll become a great nurse one day is you! Go for it. Give it a shot. Like everyone said, you won't know until you try. You will become a fantastic nurse if you focus and truly dedicate yourself to this career professionally and academically. Always always think positively! Good luck!
  2. by   my crazy world
    You are feeling everything that each of us have felt at some point. I wish I could help you with an answer but the only person that can do that is you. I can suggest to talk to nurses, not just the ones in the hospital or the specialization you are leaning to, but as many nurses in all types of fields. Talk to other students that are in other parts of there programs. There are some amazing nursing students on youtube in all different places in their journeys that offer words of wisdom. Plus what works and what doesn't along with what we try our selves. Just as everyone says you never know until you try. Nursing journey is full up ups and downs, successes and failures tears and laughter, bonds with people that is so tight only another nursing student would truly understand. You have support out here if you decide this is the journey for you. I just hope that you at the end of it dont look back with regrets. Plus you don't have to do it now if you dont think your ready. I have wanted to be a nurse as far back as I can remember, I am in my late 30's and I am going for it.

    What ever you decide is the right thing for you, and if you need to talk more I am always open just to listen.
  3. by   JazzyJasmine
    I do believe in God and thank you for everyone's replies. It took me a year to see them lol! but I am about to graduate in a week from high school so I needed to see this.