1. Hey guys I am almost there! One more class to go until I can apply for my clinicals. Unfortunately my school only allows Pre-LPN students to apply once a year and that is in August. I complete my last class ( BIOL 111) next semester during the spring. So far after two semesters I have maintained a 4.0 GPA. I have been able to do this despite the fact that I work full-time. However, I do have some concerns as far as employment during my clinicals, especially considering the fact that I am a non-traditional student with other financial obligations outside of school. I have made it my resolve to only work part-time but I am not really sure what I will do as far as employment. I currently work at a hospital doing registration. I did let my boss know ahead of time what my schedule will possibly be like during all three semesters of my clinicals since my school provides this on their website. She says that she is not able to guarantee that she will be able to work out a new schedule for me so I am a little worried! I cannot work full-time and attend my clinicals full-time. If it helps at all I am married with no children. My husband has a decent job but I really don't want to neglect him altogether financially during this time. He will need a little support financially. Any recommendations? Also, what are your accomplishments thus far that you are proud of? Are you ready to apply for your clinicals?
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  3. by   Devon Rex

    The good news is that you have time on your side. Do not worry about your boss just yet. Start making sacrifices now by saving as much money as you can. Talk with your husband and agree to a goal... for your schooling, savings, controlling expenses... and yes... avoidgetting pregnant in 2013. If you get pregnant, your priorities WILL change.

    Approach your boss again after you complete BIOL111. See if she is able to accomodate a flexible schedule in the fall when you start your clinicals. If she says no, you will have a difficult decision to make, but you will have savings. SO, you either (1) render your resignation 2 to 3 weeks before you start your clinical rotations and go without a job while in LPN school ...OR... (2) look for another job elsewhere or another position within the hospital that would accommodate your needs as a student.

    We all have to make sacrifices for things that are worthy. You have time to get ready for it. Good luck !!!
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    Thanks so much! I am really worrying about this. I will take your advice and save, save, save!