Almost finished with prereqs but not a strong math student..advice?? help :(

  1. Well I am finishing up with my prereqs which have taken me forever considering I have 2 little ones. But here I am second guessing myself..I have never been good at math and I just dont want to go into this field and do something wrong and someones life is on the line. I have wanted to be a nurse sooo bad for as long as I can remember and it is truly what I think I am meant to do. So basically I want to know should I back out now before I go any further with this or is it simple math that I can learn easily?? Soo lost please help . Btw I need to take statistics & college algebra.
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  3. by   pixiestudent2
    Nursing math is very simple, I barely passed remedial math at community college. I'm in nursing school and there is math on every test. I honestly think of them as freebie points. You don't have to be a math whiz to get through school.
  4. by   Katieerin
    I am not a math wiz either. I'm struggling with intermediate algebra. I feel confident that nursing math is ratios fractions and percentages.
  5. by   rn_hopeful.
    Thanks Sali. That makes makes me feel more at ease
  6. by   Toddysmama
    Math is hard for me to if you have to take Stats it is different from all other math classes i ever had to take. I got a C in algebra and then a A in Stats. luckily only the Stats grade count here.
  7. by   Katieerin
    Someone told me stats is actually a science. I dont know how true that is
  8. by   Boxer Mama
    I would say that I always felt I was not strong in math, but in my review for my HESI test, I find that I am understanding the fractions and percentage questions without difficulty. I am currently in college algebra and statistics this semester. I will not even give my opinion on algebra and I will be happy when this class is over. I am actually enjoying statistics and it requires a different way of thinking than conventional algebra. The formulas are not extremely complex in intro to stats, but just remembering all the formulas and when to use them is the difficult part. If you really want this, then there are ways to do it. Most schools have resources to help math students, so use those and just have a positive attitude!