Advice on Writing a Resume without Healthcare Experience

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    I need some assistance on writing a healthcare focus resume even though I do not have any healthcare experience. I would like to start working this summer as either an CNA, PCT, or Dialysis technician. I am currently a special education teacher and I have been teaching for 4 years. The only healthcare experience that I have is volunteer experience that I did at a nursing home for a few months back in 2005 when I was in college. I am also thinking about obtaining my CNA certification.

    Where can I find some examples of resumes for someone with limited or no experience in healthcare? Also, I can I make myself marketable to employers?

    Any advice is welcomed!

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    Honestly, I would google resumes. Resumes are very involved and structured (well you already know that since you have a job), but the internet is probably the best resource for information. Definitely include you volunteer information. Sorry, I could be more help...

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