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Help me get a jump start in school! How to get ahead in nursing school? Hi there, I have finally finished all my prerequisites and have been accepted into the nursing program! I have about a 2... Read More

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    Quote from MSKY
    I was also eager to get a head start when I started my nursing program last fall. So I started reading the fundamentals of nursing required textbook. I read the first 15 chapters of the textbook. Once school started I realized that the majority of the chapters I had read, like 13 of them, weren't even covered in the program.
    My best advice would be to contact a student who is already in the program and see if they would let you look at their syllabus. Once the program starts we were assigned about 3-5 chapters per week to review and read. Needless to say, hardly anyone has time to read 150+ pages every single week while in the program. But if you know what the assigned reading is then that would give you a huge head start.


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    One thing is critical thinking style exams/NCLEX style testing. I am not used to testing this way! I am used to just finding out the correct answer and that is it! This method of testing is pretty hard for me to get used to and I am always finding myself erasing and changing my answers back and forth because while the answers all seem to be right, they are looking for the BEST one. Also like others have noticed, try ordering the textbooks in advance by e-mailing your professor ahead of time to see what book(s) you need and go through the book to get an idea so you aren't going into the class without any idea.
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    Get yourself books like this one Fundamentals Success: A Q&A Review Applying Critical Thinking to Test Taking (Davis's Q&a Success) (9780803627796): Dr Patricia Nugent, Barbara Vitale: Books

    and/or this one Test Success: Test-Taking Techniques for Beginning Nursing Students: Dr Patricia Nugent, Barbara Vitale: 9780803628182: Books .

    You need to figure out how to live in "the NCLEX world" which is nothing like the world you've lived in for your entire life. Learning HOW to take nursing tests is going to help you a lot more than trying to pre-study the curriculum.
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    Thanks for those book recommendations brillohead!

    From what I have read here on allnurses, doing what brillohead suggests seems to be the best strategy for preparing for nursing school!
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