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Accepted into nursing school......blues....

  1. 0 I am very excited I was accepted into the nursing school of my choice! First attempt! So I should be elated but I am not. I am provisionally accepted. I have to pass patho and genetics in order to be fully accepted. And I am doing "decent" in those classes but I am doing bad, in my other two filler classes abnormal psych and chemistry. I am so worried about passing those two first classes that I am really ignoring the other two.

    I am also worrying about life while in nursing school. What are y'all's plans while in school? Any dads out there? Are you working? Any vets out there? I am using chapter 31 but I am also taking out loans to live on while in school.

    I am most worried about life after school. Like how long after we pass our final classes can we take the nclex? And I plan on moving back to texas after graduation so how long will that job search take?

    I should only be thinking about fall but my brain is going nuts! Is there anyone else out there with nursing school blues?
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    Well I think it is a lot to take in. I am not a dad..I am a mom but I use the post 911/GI Bill that was transferred to me by my husband who is currently active duty because we dont qualify for fed financial aid and I dont want a bunch of debt. I worry about all those things you worry about all the time and I havent even been accepted yet! I wont know anything until June. I wont have any dependent on courses and I am sure that is nerve racking. Just keep plugging away! Do it for your kids and a better life! My hubby is from texas and has family in northeast Texas. His sister is a nurse and is constantly hopping from job to job in Texas because she doesnt like something at an employer. Im sure you will have no problem getting a job. GOOD LUCK!
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    I kind of know how you feel. I got a seat one semester earlier than expected in the nursing program of my choice. My mother was asking me why I am not happy. I am VERY happy. But I am also worried about everything and anything! Then when I started my orientation and saw the avalanche of paperwork that needed to be done and handed in and the cost of everything, I really had the blues. But you know what? Doing everything one step at a time and not projecting too far into the future is really helpful if you can manage to do it. I didn't think I had time to do what was necessary before I start in a few weeks, but I did. Wrote down everything in a planner, organized my time as well as I could, checked things off as I went along and before I knew it, I got it all done. I think that is good practice for what lies ahead.

    I have a problem with getting anxious or worried and sometimes not being able to enjoy the good things that happen as fully as I could. I am working on it. I too could spend a lot of time worrying about grades, NCLEX, getting a job and a whole bunch of other things surrounding nursing school, but I am take it slowly and not let it rush in on me and overwhelm me. I've spent too much time worried about what happens after school and I haven't even had my first day of nursing school yet! Gotta work on that! But yeah, I do know about those kinds of blues.