Accelerated BSN? Transfer BSN? or Bridge?

  1. Hi!

    I am looking for nurses in the western NY area who have completed the accelerated BSN at UB (or similar program) to help advise regarding the best nursing program based on a couple of considerations. Any input would be greatly greatly appreciated!!

    I have an unrelated bachelors and have applied to the accelerated BSN at UB. I'm not sure if I have been accepted. My pre-requisite GPA is 3.95 (although only had four completed at the time of application - now I have seven). However, my first degree GPA is not so stellar... 2.9.

    Anyway, I moved to western NY to complete pre-reqs and am currently at NCCC. My question is, should I stay at NCCC and bridge after or should I pursue UB either as an accelerated BSN student or transfer....

    I have a couple of considerations that weigh in here:
    1.) money - NCCC is cheap - If I stay at NCCC, I will only need 15 credits to complete a bridge program after graduation
    2.) Age - I just turned 40 and want to get through this program asap (ugh!)
    3.) Location - I will be leaving western NY to return to either NYC or possibly New Orleans after graduation so won't be looking for jobs in the area
    4.) this is the BIG one - I have a 1 1/2 year old and am a single parent and all of my family and friends are in NYC - therefore, I want to get back to them but also don't want to be unrealistic with regards to caring for my son and managing school.... I do have a wonderful babysitter who I live two blocks from.. She currently watches my son approx. 36 hours a week
    5.) I want as much clinical experience as possible and would like to pursue either nurse practitioner or advanced practice nursing, not so interested in business aspect.. been there already

    Can someone maybe chime on on transfer vs. accelerated vs. NCCC (bridge)????? I might add that I think the instruction at NCCC is wonderful. The actual climate of the campus is not so appealing, at least for me but is really the least of my concerns.... And lastly, I am wrapping up statistics, micro and pharmacology and have a strong A average for all classes going into finals. I have been back and forth and back and forth on this a gazillion times....

    Thank you in advance for your consideration!!!

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    • Bridge - Associate to BSN - 16 credits to complete after NCLEX

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  4. by   ImThatGuy
    Cheapest and fastest. Decide in that order.
  5. by   MegMont
    thank you!! unfortunately cheapest is longest..... but finances are very big concern ;-D
  6. by   ncccstarting12
    Did you ever make a decision? I have a 2 year old and I am suppose to start this fall 2012 at NCCC, for the nursing. I too want to continue on beyond the RN, which allways makes me think of D'youville college, why not go for the PA program as the NP and PA have similar job roles. Yet the biggest issue is PA is full time, 8am -5 pm during the dialactic years and for me nursing could be done part-time at least for me since I have a BA in psychology and a BS in biology. Plus, the PA program is much much much more expensive since it is a private school.... or I would be a lot more encouraged to go there instead.... I do not have any family her as I am a transplant from colorado. I have a freind that finished the LPN at Boces in a similar situation to mine and she said it was not that bad since she too has a BS in biology. I did read that Nur III is the nightmare at NCCC, however I was wondering if any one was enrolled in the RN and took the extra summer courses to get the LPN instead and took a break. I was thinking about doing that, just incase I may be one of those unlucky souls who are "weeded out" during NUR III.