Accelerated BSN or ELMSN? Any advice is appreciated. Accelerated BSN or ELMSN? Any advice is appreciated. | allnurses

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Accelerated BSN or ELMSN? Any advice is appreciated.

  1. 0 Hello,

    I will be graduating with a B.S. in Human Development in the spring. I originally planned on going into an ABSN program, but after some thought I am thinking that an ELMSN program would fit me better (particularly FNP, Women's Health, NICU, Perinatal, etc.).

    I am wondering if anyone went into an ELMSN program what advice do you have? Did you have experience in a hospital? High GRE scores? Anything else?

    I have volunteer experience in various areas including OB/GYN and the PACU, and I also work for a clinic that helps women with pre&post partum issues.

    My overall GPA is a 3.7, while my science GPA is about a 3.4 and I still have to take Micro and Anatomy (I'm taking micro this quarter and anatomy next quarter).

    Thank you!
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    I guess the first thing you would have to consider is what type of work that you want to do. Being a FNP is very different from being a floor nurse, and being a floor nurse is very different from research, and doing research is very different from administration.

    If you want to be a FNP, be a FNP. If you want to be a floor nurse and care for patients. Personally, I would get the MSN considering that you already have a bachelor's degree, no need for another.