ABSN programs with good financial aid

  1. i know lots of people ask general questions about financial aid for accelerated nursing programs. for those of you who have applied to programs or just know some insider info, what schools would you recommend that have good financial aid packages? and if you care to share, what schools have poor financial aid, in your experience?
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  3. by   leenak
    I don't know if they actually have an ABSN program but a friend of mine who went to Yale as part of their second degree/entry into advanced practice nursing program said that they gave her the best financial aid package.

    Johns Hopkins has a few scholarships, especially if show financial need or are a returning peace corps volunteer. They also have a merit scholarship which is half their tuition.

    Georgetown is super expensive but they have something they call Washington Scholars where you will get an 80% discount on your tuition if you agree to work for 3 years at a certain hospital.

    In my schooling experience, in general, private schools have more funds than public schools. The private schools tend to cost more though.
  4. by   scarlett87
    you're right, it's a toss up between choosing the cheaper schools or the more expensive ones that might be generous with their aid.

    i've heard of georgetown's tuition discount but not the aid at the other schools. thank you!