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So let me start off by saying that my husband is a great guy. He would move heaven and Earth to make sure I'm happy but he just doesn't get it when it comes to school. He has never been to... Read More

  1. by   Mark Hill BSN
    Sometimes we as nursing students fall into this idea that we are the only ones sacrificing for the sake of school. The reality is, that everyone around us is also sacrificing so that we can better ourselves. I have gone back to school to pursue my FNP in the last 2 years, and I can tell you my wife has been my hero. Seldom complaining about the long study hours, and the neglect of family I sometimes have to dole out. During those periods when my wife doesn't fully understand, I try very hard to give her the attention she deserves and, and be understanding of her not understanding. Now that the light at the end of the tunnel is getting a little brighter, things seem to be getting easier.
  2. by   AM326
    Quote from DadStudentPerhaps
    I'm a dad, work full time, and already have one degree in an unrelated subject. I'm now knocking down pre-reqs for Nursing, while my wife is currently going back to school FT to complete her Masters and become a NP.

    Many years ago, we were dating when she was in Nursing school. Many of our dates included her studying and doing care plans at my house while I was in another room watching TV. I kind of knew way back then how tuff these Nursing classes were just by watching the many hours she spent studying and doing HW. My classes back then were nowhere near as challenging.

    Now that I'm actually taking some of the classes she did back then, I know how hard classes like A&P can be, and how much studying is required to make an "A". Lets just say that I have gained even more appreciation for what she did back then. Now that she's in school to complete her NP, I can tell you that's tough sledding as well.

    I think your husband will be able to see how hard these classes are when you get started. If not, show him these threads so he can read for himself how thousands of people agree, it takes a lot of midnight oil to pass Nursing.
    Wow...great on the both of you for working so hard!!!
  3. by   vera4130
    It doesn't necessarily change when school is over, I hate to tell you. I love my other half, and he is very supportive 99% of the time. He puts up with me being crabby when I don't sleep, or stressed out because I have another paper due (I'm full time work and school right now), but we had to have a sit down talk about what I can reasonably do around the house. I think whether or not he realized it, he was being passive aggressive about things like me leaving books out on the table (he is a neat freak). We were arguing a lot for a little while because we had different expectations of each other. Once we worked out that the house is not going to be spotless until school is over, and I will try really, really, hard to just pick up so it's not messy, things got much better.

    About the only thing I get irritated over now is that his family volunteers us to host get togethers, and it is inevitably always a night I work. Generally without asking, and never with much notice. I told him this last one would be the last one, or we'd be more than happy to volunteer them since they live a few minutes away. The one thing I'm protective of is my sleep. I just cannot go to work tired on a regular basis, I find it's a lot easier to make stupid mistakes that way.