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Hello all my fellow future nurses! Right now I'm in A&P 2 , and we're going to dissect a sheep brain tomorrow! I am at a huge disadvantage - outside of a worm in middle school, I've never dissected anything! I am nervous... Read More

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    We just finished up the cardiovascular system and dissected sheep hearts. Now we're on to lymph, immunity, and respiratory. First test of the semester: 101.5!

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    We're beginning the Immune System next week and out Cardiovascular test is the following. So far so good, I don't find A&P 2 harder than part 1. I am also taking Nutrition and honestly I find it very easy. I skimmed the chapter and got a 85 on the test so I know this time when I actually read the chapter I should be kicking butt the rest of this semester.

    I'm also studying for the TEAS next month, I already have a Bachelors of Science so I'm applying to Accelerated BSN programs for the next spring and one Associates program now, so If I dont make the cut no biggie! Ill keep trying.

    I hope to get at least a B+ In AP2 so far it's looking good!

    I hope everyone has a great semester.

    PS. Next week we're dissecting a cat and I am soooo not looking forward to that class.
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    Glad to hear everyone is progressing well and that we're all in similar spots in the curriculum.

    I'm taking a full course load that includes English. Sometime's when I'm typing a paper I find myself replacing A&P words for others. I'm knee deep in a paragraph and start typing "Neuro" instead of "Nose." Or I automatically type "Nervous System" after the word "sympathy." lol...I have this class on the brain all the time.

    I took A&P 1 in 2010 and at a different school with a different teacher so I feel like a fish out of water...I'm definitely rusty, so I find myself overly invested. And I have a lot of pressure on myself to pass!!
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    Quote from hello sammi
    Hello all my fellow future nurses!

    Right now I'm in A&P 2 [along with a few other classes], and we're going to dissect a sheep brain tomorrow!

    I am at a huge disadvantage - outside of a worm in middle school, I've never dissected anything! I am nervous and very excited.

    What are you doing in class now? How are things going? Have you cut open anything cool yet?
    Well, I hope you do okay. Have you tried looking up videos of it on Youtube so you know what to expect? Our class dissects actual cadavers and I've been looking it up on youtube and I'm not anxious like I thought I would be. My mom was grossed out because I was actually eating some chicken while watching bahaha.
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    I'm in A&P 2 as well and my class includes access to cadavers (yes...dead people who donated their bodies to science). I'm fortunate enough to go to a school that has great resources in the health and science department. During our lab each week we spend time in the cadaver lab and every test we have as a section that includes identifying structures on the cadavers. We have 5 of them and I think its just the coolest thing to see everything for what it really is in the human body. Everything is cross sectioned and you can take certain organs out of the the body to look at them more up close. Just today we had a lab on the respiratory system and we went in to the cadaver lab for 30 minutes looking at the trachea, bronchi, lungs, and diaphragm. I've held a human heart and lung. The coolest thing I've seen in the cadaver lab so far is someone who died of an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm. You could actually see where the aneurysm occurred. If your school offers A&P courses w/cadavers...DO IT! Its weird at first, but you get use to it.
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    I'm taking AP2 right now and we have had the opportunity to dissect a sheep heart and a cat. One of the cats was pregnant, which was really neat. I was able to remove one of the fetal kittens and dissect it also. I don't about you guys and gals but I LOVE dissections! I am very jealous of you guys/gals that get to work with cadavers. I would LOVE to be able to see exactly what we are studying with my own eyes.

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