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I am second guessing if I can make it into the nursing program because of my low GPA(3.0) and if I should persue my back up plan of psychology. I really want to be a nurse but I dont know if I will... Read More

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    I would have a more career oriented back up plan. Perhaps become a CNA or EMT and work part time while re doing pre reqs. Also work on building applicable but not academic skills like learning phlebotomy, ekg interpretation, ACLS, etc...
    I am living out my back up plan right now because I can not afford either of the schools I was accepted into, one the tuition was too much, the other the commute would kill my now dying car...
    Also keep in mind there is more than one nursing school out there! I know of several on the west coast that admit based on completed pre reqs and a waitlist with no competition. If there is a school like that in your area you could apply and be guaranteed a spot in a few years from now while working on your bedside manner and patient interactions as a CNA or EMT.
    So yeah you could get a BA in psych and then try for a second degree BSN program in the future if psych is your main interest or you could take a slower less direct route.

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    Quote from Madison1379
    Thank you all for your advice! I choose Psych because I really loved it, but I didnt know what kind of job I could get with it but I have done some reading and I could work at a Veterans hospital or something similar to that because they are always hiring professionals. I do plan on taking the GRE for my school because it doesnt seems as bad as trying to get into a nursing program.

    Thanks again!
    Well, yes, there are job prospects after you ARE a professional - meaning you've graduated from undergrad, been accepted to grad school, and graduated. I guess to me theres a bigger gamble involved there so it's not what I think of as a backup plan. Since I majored in psychology, I know a ton of psychology degree holders. Like...a ton. Maybe 3 actually went to grad school. Only 1 who went to grad school actually works in the field due to a lack of jobs.
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    I agree with Stephalump... and a 3.0 won't get you into grad school for psychology

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