4 yr nursing school vs 2 yr nursing school?? 4 yr nursing school vs 2 yr nursing school?? | allnurses

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4 yr nursing school vs 2 yr nursing school??

  1. 0 I need your help. Recently admitted into a 2 yr RN nursing community college program but am having 2nd thoughts as to if going to a 4 yr BSN school would be better? I am almost done all my nursing pre reqs. Help!!!
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    If you were going to eventually aim for a BSN then I would recommend just doing it now & getting accepted into a BSN program.
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    Agree with the above.
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    I'm in agreeance with the previous two posters. If you can just go to a 4 year now, if you want the BSN, just do it now. However if you wanted to you could also do the two year and then bridge to BSN after (which takes another year) I think depending on what your 4 year school of choice wants for pre-reqs vs. what the 2 year wanted either would take you about the same amount of time.