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I am curious if anybody has received an acceptance letter from UAB, I got an email from the Graduate School of Nursing to check my "application status". I checked and all I saw was "Congratulations your application is complete"... Read More

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    I got a large, catalogue sized envelope with the acceptance letter and instructions on background check, urine testing, fall semester calendar, program of study, health screening, etc. It was most definately a small booklet of papers.
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    That's all it says. You can call (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME/NUMBER - PLEASE DO NOT POST IDENTIFYING INFORMATION OF THOSE IN YOUR PROGRAM PER TOS). He can tell you something. I emailed him today he said more letters were mailed out today in addition to last Friday. So hopefully definitely by Friday everybody should have some type of information.
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    got my letter.

    attached is an image of what it should look like for those of u waiting

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