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Hello All. I need help. Ive been going to family members that are trying to give good advice but Im not seeing their point. Ok, I contacted Herzing to inqire about an article I'd read about their fnp program. I was told that I... Read More

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    No offense taken at all.
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    Quote from Mom To 4
    I am attending Loyola University New Orleans program. There are actually quite a few of us on here in the cohort about to begin. Also, 21K per year still beats 38K per year any day of the week to me, lol
    Ok. I'm late, but did you actually go on the site. It's $780 per credit hour there. The MSN program is 45 credits. So after books, fees, and supplies you are up $40, 000. Therefore, I say, it's not different from Herzing.
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    That's a reasonable price. Herzing is $38k for the entire program. I'm hopefully starting April 28th.