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Anyone attending or applying for the Fall semester? What are the pros and cons of the program? To those enrolled....was it difficut getting accepted? Do you mind giving me your background? How soon after the deadline was the... Read More

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    Hm thats weird. I received that email right after the application deadline. I did get another update. I was told that admission decisions are being sent out in batches in the order of the application received. So I didn't get all of my stuff in until 2 days until the deadline. She did tell me that my application is being considered that I should hear soon. I think she said the last of the applications were being considered and they were finishing them up tomorrow. So good luck to everyone.
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    I received my acceptance email yesterday...
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    Congratulations! You must be excited and anxious. I am bummed out because I just realized that my application is for Spring 2013 and not this coming fall. Do you think there is a chance that I could enroll next month or the candidates are already selected? My application was submitted before the July 1st deadline.
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    Yes, I am very excited and nervous. I have no idea about seeing if you could move your application. I didn't even know they were accepting applications already for the Spring. Good luck!!
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    Apparently that RNFA "program" just gives you a certificate because it only requires 140 hours or something...I inquired about it and this is what I was told via email...

    "The APRN RNFA program is a post masters certificate program. Completion of the program yeilds a certificate of completion, not a certification. There is a national certification for RNFAs but it requires 2000 hours of practice to sit for that exam. Certification as an RNFA is not required for APRNs to practice as first assistants at surgery."

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    I was accepted into the program and have questions regarding clinicals. I understand I have to find my own preceptors in the Austin area and just wondering what the availability of doing Saturday clinicals is like. I have to continue to work full-time and attend school part-time. What is the load like going part-time?
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    That all depends on if you can find a clinic that is open saturdays. Will be difficult. I did clinicals in Austin and when I couldn't find preceptors I went to Abilene and Albany, tx. Working full time will be fine if you are doing school part time. Hopefully you are in no hurry to finish because part time is a looong process. (full time = 2 years).
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    Thank you for your response. I have my MSN so the PM route is planned to complete Summer 2016, which I am comfortable with. Do you know how ASU compares to TAMUCC? I know of one other person who completed TAMUCC and she said they would t let her do clinicals in Urgent Cares and made her find proctors to take exams in her area which is extra money due to cheating allegations at the school years ago she also said the instructors were super picky on the papers