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I have recently received an invitation to interview at UAB in November for the Fall 2013 program. Does anyone have any tips or advice for the interview process? I know that you go before a panel of people for the interview, but... Read More

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    Nevermind. It's confidential. I forgot.
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    Anybody heard anything from UAB about acceptance?
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    nothing yet. Everyone please post when they hear something. My nerves are shot.
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    Same here!!
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    Alternate at UAB. I'm pretty bummed
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    Someone I work with got in, but me and another co worker haven't heard anything. Pretty bummed too.
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    Still haven't heard anything yet. Kinda getting nervous now that I know I should be finding out within the next day or so...
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    I got in!!!!
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    I know this is late but I live in north Mississippi and UAB was top choice for me. Can you please tell me what your stats were applying( gpa, cert's, etc) also anything you did to stand out?