Yale vs. Columbia: Pediatric NP Programs

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I've recently been admitted to the accelerated BS/MSN Pediatrics Programs at both Columbia and Yale. Though I am truly appreciative of being in this fortunate position, I vascillate daily between which program to attend. Yale has the better reputation (being ranked 1st in Ped's, as superficial as that may sound) and they have been much more responsive to my questions during the admissions process. Columbia, however, is only two years (versus three, at Yale) because we work through the summers, which I perceive as a benefit since I am on the older end of the student age spectrum and would like to return to work ASAP. The other side of that coin is that with summers off at Yale, I believe I'll be able to get some more nursing experience before graduation via externships or jobs. Lastly, I live in New York currently, and will most likely return upon graduation - I'm not sure if Columbia has any advantages in terms of obtaining positions in NYC.

    I'm curious to hear from any Yale GEPN or Columbia ETP students about their experiences with the programs, and if they can provide any insight into merits or disadvantages of their program. I realize that in the end it's a very personal decision as to what school suits you best, but I'm trying to dig up as much information as possible so that I can feel comfortable with my final decision.

    Thanks so much!
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  3. by   pauvrelapin
    I also live in NYC and was accepted to both the Yale and Columbia programs for Pediatric NP - and am absolutely clueless as to which to pick! I'm at the younger end of the age spectrum, but I have a fiance (will be husband when classes start) to bring along with me.

    Yale's ranking and their attempt to really get to know me through the admissions process has me swayed. I feel like Columbia, in not interviewing, doesn't really care about who I am as a person and that it may be easier to get lost in the cracks of their program - but who knows if that's true.

    However, I'm leaning more towards Columbia because I wouldn't have to move, the program is shorter - and you have the option of taking a break between the BSN and MSN - or switching schools for the MSN if the school doesn't fit you. With Yale you're kind of stuck.

    I'd also like to hear from people who have had to make the same decision.
  4. by   CharmedJ7
    I'm in a pretty similar boat, though my track is FNP not PNP. I'm leaning heavily towards Columbia over Yale for the following reasons:
    1.) Columbia is way more flexible (taking time off, stepping down if need be, switching specialties, going part-time, etc)
    2.) New York City is exponentially cooler than New Haven (I actively do not want to live in New Haven)

    However, it's not a done deal, because Yale has some things going for it in my book:
    1.) More prestigious
    2.) Slightly cheaper
    3.) Phenomenal administration, faculty and students
    4.) Starts in the fall (that's a big bonus for me since I'm coming straight from 5 years of undergrad)

    Yale might have a longer list, but I think the pros in Columbia's column are worth a little more. I'm hoping that going to the visitor's day this week will help make this more solid! Are you guys going?
  5. by   pauvrelapin
    I'll be at visiting day tomorrow.

    For me, Columbia actually worked out to cost a lot less money. So the decision was made for me
  6. by   WannabePNP
    I was faced with the exact same decision (ie, whether to go to Yale or Columbia for PNP). After attending Columbia's visiting day this past Friday, my "gut" feeling was confirmed about Yale being the better option. I was not overly impressed with Columbia on visiting day for a number of reasons. For one, I cannot seem to understand how they justify charging significantly more in tuition than other comparable schools (like Yale) when no aspect of the school that I have seen (ie, the facilities, administration, etc.) seems to be superior in any way. Attending visiting day also confirmed a notion I had heard from several different sources about Columbia's administration being often disorganized and just plain difficult. I don't know about you guys, but I'm not about to shell out a ton of money for a grad program in which I will be treated poorly in any way. When I asked a number of current students if they could name one or two "negatives" of the program, their answers consistently pointed to a lack of both friendliness and organization on the administrative side of things. Even with a tremendous faculty, having poor administration can make life unnecessarily difficult and that is something I'd like to avoid at all costs.

    This morning, I drove up to Yale (my parents live in CT) for one last look around, despite the fact that I knew the school would be closed on a Saturday. Serendipitously, I ran into a current student (also in the peds specialty) who couldn't have been more kind in her demeanor and positive in her overall impression of the program. The fact that this was a random encounter (and that she wasn't someone chosen specifically by Yale to speak to prospective students on interview day) really cemented in my mind the strength of Yale's program. Not to mention the fact that I feel that Yale is just a great place to be for those in the peds specialty. On interview day, it was noted that much of the school's leadership has a background in pediatrics, and yes, Yale does have the #1 ranking for PNP in the country from US News (for what it's worth).

    One last thing I've been reminded of over the past few days is that everyone is looking for something different in a school and is entitled to their own opinion. I spoke with a current Columbia student at visiting day who had gone to Yale to interview last year and came away with a very negative perception of the school, citing the fact that she was unimpressed with both her faculty interviewer and with Yale's location in New Haven. Granted, I'll be the first to admit that New Haven is no NYC -- but to me, it's more about going to a school with a strong program, faculty, and student body. In my experience, Yale has consistently proven to be top notch in all of these aspects, and so that's where I'll be in the fall. I wish everyone the best of luck, wherever you end up!
  7. by   06CaliforniaRN
    Quote from pauvrelapin

    However, I'm leaning more towards Columbia because I wouldn't have to move, the program is shorter - and you have the option of taking a break between the BSN and MSN - or switching schools for the MSN if the school doesn't fit you. With Yale you're kind of stuck.
    Can you elaborate on what you mean by switching schools for the MSN? Do you mean switching specialties, or like going to another nursing school all together? If so, do you still get a BSN from Columbia?

    Anyways, where are you ending up?