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Hello all! I noticed a thread had not been started for those of us applying for Fall of 2013 so I thought I would start one. How are things going for everything regarding the application process?... Read More

  1. by   dn26
    I hope so too adt!! All the best and good luck until we hear back from them about the interviews!!
  2. by   hi616

    I'm applying to the FNP program, and I also have no idea how competitive it is and especially NO idea if I am a competitive application. I guess we'll find out eventually!
  3. by   steve21021
    I also am trying for FNP. Best of luck to you my friend. I would expect it to be fairly competitive given that the FNP program is ranked in the top 10 in the nation.
  4. by   atomicgirl
    I wanted to provide some info that I have received regarding interviews. The admissions director mentioned that interview dates will be Jan 17, 18, 24, and 25 and interview decisions will be released by Dec 15. Good luck everyone! I hope we all get in!
  5. by   hi616

    Thanks for that info! It's going to feel like a long wait, but at least it's nice knowing when we should be hearing about it. I saw in a post (I can't remember if it's on this board or on another board) that about 200 out of the usual 400 applicants get interviews? I think if we can at least get an interview our chances are pretty good!


    Good luck to you as well. I didn't realize that the FNP program is in the top 10. I knew Yale was ranked very high (Obviously, it's Yale, haha) but was having trouble finding info about specific specialties and where they rank. Good to know, thanks.
  6. by   kdiem
    Thanks so much for the concrete details atomicgirl! Now we don't have to sit and wonder. December 15... that's a little over a month everyone!
  7. by   steve21021
    Yeah they are very highly ranked. Here are the rankings according to US news:

    Yale University | Best Health School | US News
  8. by   meli.avila
    Dec 15th. good to know! Thank you! so I figured I might as well pick your brains while we are all waiting:
    That was QUITE the essay. It was challenging to get the essay to "flow" while keeping the questions in order. I wasn't sure whether the sub-prompts from question one were meant to be kept in order. I kept them in order because I figured it was better to have the essay a bit choppy than to risk not following instructions. What did you guys do?
    1. Discuss the development of your interest in graduate education in nursing, specifically:
    • Why are you choosing to pursue a career as a nursing professional in your chosen specialty area, such as acute care nurse practitioner, midwifery, pediatric nurse practitioner, nursing management/leadership, etc? Why have you chosen this career rather than an advanced degree in another health field?
    • How does your background and previous experience related to this decision?
    • Describe observations or work experiences you have had with professionals in this area and how those experiences have influenced your decision to apply to YSN.
    • How does your background relate to this decision?
  9. by   samdaman
    Yeah, I pretty much stuck to the essay directions...was a challenge but I managed to make it work somehow. Man, so many FNP applicants...I hope we all get interviews at least!
  10. by   hollysf
    I tried to keep the sub-topics of the first question in order, but I also tried to develop them into an all encompassing story. I have no clue if it was a good idea or not. I remember reading that admissions suggested treating the essay like a creative writing project. I didn't want my personal statement to read like a questionnaire. My GPA and GRE are only average, and so I really needed to stand out in my essay. I followed all of the other questions religiously.
  11. by   atomicgirl
    Writing that essay was like pulling teeth! lol. I had the worst writer's block while writing that essay. I had it proofread a dozen times and created 15 drafts. It was nuts. I kept it all in order, even the subtopics. I figured it was best to follow directions and to have a choppier essay than not follow directions and risk them throwing out my app altogether lol. Does anyone know about the structure of the interviews, what questions they tend to ask, etc.? I keep thinking I'm just going to freeze up and stutter a bunch...I don't think I interview well.
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  12. by   samdaman
    atomgirl...might help to read something like this to help you prepare for your interview.

    Amazon.com: The Interview Rehearsal Book (9780425166864): Deb Gottesman, Buzz Mauro: Books

    I know it's for getting jobs...but I think many concepts still apply.
  13. by   JustD16
    Anyone else really getting antsy? December 15th seems so far away!!! Especially since it would be icing on the cake to find out such awesome news right before the holidays.