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Hello all! I noticed a thread had not been started for those of us applying for Fall of 2013 so I thought I would start one. How are things going for everything regarding the application process?... Read More

  1. by   JustD16
    Just to double check: all we need in the packet we mail are our transcripts and letters of recommendation if the recommender did not submit one electronically. The essay and resume only need to be uploaded to the online application. Correct?
  2. by   kdiem
    Yeap! I'm only submitting my transcripts in my envelope. I wish we could have just sent this directly from the college/university's transcript service.
  3. by   the healer's art
    Quote from kdiem
    Yeap! I'm only submitting my transcripts in my envelope. I wish we could have just sent this directly from the college/university's transcript service.
    Just got an email from Yale this morning that says:

    "Transcripts may be collected by the applicant and forwarded to our office, or sent directly from the institution of higher learning. Just be sure it remains in the signed, sealed envelope. "
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  4. by   JustD16
    Starting to stress a little...still waiting on transcripts I ordered a month ago and just reordered last week and one letter of recommendation. Anyone else still waiting on stuff?
  5. by   hollysf
    I am still waiting on one letter of recommendation. It is really stressing me out. She didn't submit my Penn letter on time and so I had to go with my back up recommender. Unfortunately for Yale, I don't have a back up recommender. Ahh, it's so frustrating when things are outside of your control!
  6. by   kdiem
    Yeah, so sad, I read that message after I had already ordered them from the transcript service. Their old application last year wanted "everything" in a packet so I was working off of those instructions and ordered my scripts at the end of August -.-
  7. by   hi616
    Glad to see so many other people on here! I'm applying as well for FNP.

    I just wanted to let everyone know that materials must arrive to Yale by November 1st, not be postmarked by November 1st. I didn't know that before. One of my recommenders won't be done writing my letter until October 29th, so I'm going to have to pony up the extra money to send UPS 2-day.
  8. by   StudentPartera
    All of my stuff is finished and submitted. I feel so relieved that it is all there well before the due date but now starts the waiting...
  9. by   atomicgirl

    sorry for the late response. mine is done, although im not 100% satisfied. If it were up to me, I wouldn't have asked the questions in that order. It was especially hard to transition from balanced assessment of personal characteristics to responsibilities you expect to assume during school...oh my. What is your specialty BTW? I'm applying to psych NP.

    How about everyone else? What specialty are you guys applying to?

    And a word of advice...DO NOT use USPS to send your materials!!! I'm applying to 7 schools and they have lost 1 package already. Even with delivery confirmation! And once it was lost, no one there seemed to care to find it...*sigh* Use UPS or Fedex instead...

    Good luck everyone!!
  10. by   hopefulnurse24
    atomicgirl - this happened to me as well when my transcripts were on the way to JHU. From there on out, I sent them via USPS but paid for certified delivery... and nothing has been lost since then! That also allows you to track your mail with a tracking number.

    Edited to add: OOPS, I didn't see that you said that you used delivery confirmation! I'm sorry! I can't believe that happened. But yes, when my first package was lost, it was very upsetting and nobody helped me.
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  11. by   kdiem
    I sent my transcripts via USPS express mail (overnight) and it got there pretty quickly. Was costly though! Nearly $20

    I am sending my LOR's to another school via USPS priority mail... with a confirmation number...I pray this will not be lost since the application deadline is Nov 1st for this one. And it would be such a short notice if I had to ask my LOR writers to reprint one for me. *crossing my fingers*
  12. by   bbcc
    Does anyone know the breakdown of spots per specialty? I know schools like UIC have a "quota" for each specialty that doesn't change much between years. If 140 are accepted / 90 enroll, do we expect it's evenly split, or do some programs (particularly interested in CNM) have more or less slots than others?
  13. by   kdiem
    Overall... I've heard that schools are typically selecting just how many slots they have available for the BSN portion, not so much the specialty. So I don't think theres a cap on specific specialities. But I do know the CNM specialty is very popular one! At least for most schools this is the case. When I've talked to the admission counselors and my friend who is in the JHU program she said the quota pertains mostly just to the overall incoming BSN class. But I'm not sure on if they do have a "quota" for certain specialities at specific schools. I hope this helps!