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Hello all! I noticed a thread had not been started for those of us applying for Fall of 2013 so I thought I would start one. How are things going for everything regarding the application process?... Read More

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    I agree--Yale has been incredibly great at keeping in touch and responding to questions. Good luck to everyone tomorrow!!

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    I second that. The email was very sweet!
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    Hi Everyone!

    I am a current GEPN and thinking of all of you. I just happened to check in on this board tonight and realized you are all receiving interview sessions tomorrow!

    It will be an exciting day, to say the least. Some of you will be disappointed, but the right program awaits you. And for those of you who get the interview, I'm happy to offer any advice I can.

    Yale was the only school I applied to and it was a gut wrenching process, spending the fall and early winter not knowing where I would end up (either home taking prereq's or at Yale). Anyway, I hear you! I feel for you. Hang in there!!
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    I happened to check my application and noticed that the interview decision was posted before receiving an email. No interview for me, but best of luck to the rest of you!
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    No interview for me either. I also checked before receiving the email. Good luck to everyone else still waiting!
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    Me either good luck everyone else! Rooting for you all!
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    Got an interview for peds - so shocked and happy!!!! All the best for everyone else!!
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    I am SO excited to have an interview for CNM/WHNP! Anyone else?
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    I did not get an interview for CNM - if anyone who did would be kind enough to share their stats with me (PM even), I would be greatly appreciative so I could figure out why (although I think I know!)

    For reference, for future applicants:

    GPA: 3.3something from an Ivy League school (not Yale)
    GRE: above 95% on every category
    Clinical experience: minimal; volunteering in a NICU for about 2 months but no live births
    Prereqs: At the time of application, I had only completed Intro Biology and was enrolled in Anatomy and Intro Psych (<- I think this is what got me)
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    Not in either. Eek. Congrats to everyone who received interviews!

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