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Hello all! I noticed a thread had not been started for those of us applying for Fall of 2013 so I thought I would start one. How are things going for everything regarding the application process?... Read More

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    A few of my schools required some sort of Chemistry. Northeastern required "Intro the Chemistry." I'm also applying to DePaul and Rush in Chicago and they both require Inorganic and Organic Chemistry if I remember right. DePaul for sure requires both, and I'm 95% Rush does as well. Those are not NP programs though, just 2-year MSN programs where you sit for the N-CLEX at the end. I have two years of inorganic and organic chemistry so I haven't really paid attention to which programs require which classes because hopefully I've got my bases covered. Schools seem to vary a lot with which Chemistry courses they require, so to be safe I took the full year sequence in both classes just so I didn't run into any problems. However, it seems that the way I did it really wasn't necessary. Hope that helps.

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    JustD16, http://allnurses.com/pre-nursing-stu...sn-780307.html

    also Yale doesn't have any prerequisites.
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    Of course I know Yale doesn't require any (they only recommend statistics) and I am not opposed to taking chemistry at all, I just want to make sure I have my bases covered. Thanks guys! I appreciate it!!!
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    I wonder how early they'll be posting these decisions. 8am EST?!
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    Kdiem, it makes me happy to know someone else is thinking about this and obsessing as much as me so thank you. And I believe in past years, emails started to go out in the 8:00 EST hour and most were out before noon. Tomorrow is going to be rough. So close yet so far!!!
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    The wait is driving me crazy too! I live in CST so I keep trying to trick my mind into thinking I will be getting notified one hour earlier even though that's not really the case haha.
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    Good plan, hi! We just have to make it through today. We can do it. Everyone just stay positive!
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    Just received an email from Yale!

    Thank you for your patience as our admissions committee diligently worked on reviewing the GEPN applications. As you know it has been a very busy couple of months, further complicated by some interesting New England weather.

    The Admissions Office is in the process of finalizing the interview invitations. As previously noted, decisions regarding interviews will be released tomorrow Friday, December 14, 2012. All decisions will be released through our online application system. You should receive a notice via email that says something to the effect of “an update has been made to your account” and this should alert you that you can then log into your account and view the decision letter. I hope to release decisions in the morning, but I honestly cannot tell you exactly what time, so I have to beg your patience. Rest assured they will be released tomorrow at some point (hopefully in the morning). No decisions will be released prior to Friday, nor will any notifications be released via telephone.

    Having worked in graduate admissions for over 7 years, I can tell you notification days are always a rather bittersweet time for admissions professionals. I do want to assure you that our faculty admissions committee has a difficult job reviewing all of the solid applications we receive to our GEPN program (we received 426 applications this year). Please know all of your applications and supporting materials were carefully considered. I wish you all the very best whether you will be continuing on the application journey with YSN or with another institution. And as I have told past applicants: no one decision defines you as a person or a candidate. You are all very capable individuals. Regardless of whether Yale’s decision is a favorable one or not; you will go forward and make very meaningful contributions.
    So, just a few more hours to wait!!!
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    I am not even applying to Yale, but that was so sweet and personal and thoughtful! I love it!
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    Of the schools I've applied to, Yale has been, by far, the best school in terms of communicating with applicants. Good luck everyone! Thanks to the waiting I now have a very clean apartment...
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