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Hello all! I noticed a thread had not been started for those of us applying for Fall of 2013 so I thought I would start one. How are things going for everything regarding the application process?... Read More

  1. by   jpdx
    Thank you bbcc, and best of luck to you (and everyone else!) I agree with atomicgirl that we will all end up where we belong in the end.
  2. by   ARickli
    No interview for me, and it stings!

    My stats were as follows:
    GPA: approx 3.5 (including post-graduate pre-req work)
    GRE: 95th %ile English, 60th %ile Math
    Volunteer Experience internationally in Surgery, plus (I thought) a compelling personal statement about oncology nursing in U.S.

    I'm still waiting to hear back from Columbia, but now I have some serious doubts about my viability as a candidate at ANY school...
  3. by   bbcc
    Don't give up, ARickli! I felt Yale was rather annoying with not publishing GRE scores or asking for prerequisites - to me they seemed the most "up in the air" - like, we can't know what they're looking for when they don't give us any information! I also agree that we'll all end up where we're supposed to; if we don't get in anywhere this year, it gives us more time to boost our stats (volunteering, certifications, etc.) Yale really emphasized underresourced populations in its application, so I'd suggest volunteering for a non-profit that serves them, even if it's not medical - then I would have had a better answer to that question, at least, although I thought I already did!
  4. by   steve21021
    Holy Crap! Based on those stats I don't feel so badly about not getting and interview.

    Best of luck to those who get to go on further. You are really lucky.
  5. by   hi616
    For next years applicants that will be looking at our posts, I will share that in my case I think my weakest point was my GRE scores. When I took the GRE, Yale and UIC were the only programs I was planning on applying to that absolutely required it (now UIC doesn't even require it...). I was applying to Yale to see if I had a shot so this isn't the biggest heartbreak for me.

    Throughout the application process, I had gathered that at many schools the GRE really doesn't make or break your application if you have a solid GPA, so I really just winged the GRE. Seeing some of the other applicant stats makes me think that regardless Yale cares about your GRE scores. I got in the 50-something percentile for quantitative, 65th percentile for qualitative, and 96th percentile for writing. I'm also applying to Vanderbilt, Northeastern, and Boston College just for kicks, which I had never planned to do when I took the GRE so I might not fare well there either. But, my three top choices -UIC, Rush, and DePaul- don't require GRE scores if you reach a minimum GPA, so they'll never know how I did. So, my advice is do your best on the GRE (and the rest of the application) if you are seriously considering Yale.

    I also think previous healthcare experience was a weak point for me. I only had 6 months of volunteering at a major physical therapy/ rehab hospital in Chicago with direct patient care and I suppose that is much better if I were applying to PT school rather than nursing school!
  6. by   samdaman
    Didn't get an interview. Kind of bummed, but I'll just take this as a closed door. Got interview for UCSF though so I'm stoked about that since their FNP program is #1. Also waiting to hear back from Columbia...just wish they had an early decision like they did last year. So now the wait is on for February!

    Good luck for interviews for everyone that got one!

    My stats:
    3.34 GPA undergrad
    3.9 Grad
    GRE: 80% for quantitative, 68% verbal, 45% writing (probably my weakest aspect)
    4.0 nursing prereqs (for all the other schools)
    120 hours volunteering in an ED
  7. by   dn26
    Thanks for your insight hi616! All the best with your other applications and we'll keep our fingers crossed that you get into the other places you applied into.

    To add to your observations, I think another area that Yale highly values in its applicants is some sort of research background in healthcare or science, as well as some sort of community or volunteer nursing/clinical experience. As mentioned in one of the previous posts, I too felt that Yale's method of choosing applicants is less clear-cut, and I feel a great deal of weight is placed on the application essay so it's important to emphasize how you have grown as a person through the research, volunteer experiences and literally how being an NP might help you make a difference in the world.

    Historically, Yale's Divinity, Management, Medicine and Law schools have all emphasized the role of their graduates in being able to make a difference to low-income and under-resourced communities across the nation and the world, and I feel Yale Nursing is looking for some of the same qualities in its applicants as well. By being able to choose from such a diverse and qualified applicant pool, Yale, and indeed most of the top universities, are looking for people who are motivated to give back to their communities and are service-minded, especially in fields like medicine and nursing, where care-providers have a very direct impact on the populations they serve.

    All best and good luck!
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  8. by   luminal
    Hi Everyone,

    I got an interview with Yale as well! I was just accepted into Johns Hopkins Early Decision for FNP though so I will be declining the interview. Good luck to everyone who interviews. I think it's very important to show passion and energy during the interview process and have answers prepared for the most common questions. For Johns Hopkins I looked at past threads to see what kinds of questions were asked and then I made brief bullet points of how I would want to answer them.
  9. by   kpinkertonlloyd
    Hallelujah, an interview for CNM. It's a god thing, since my stats aren't perfect. I think my passion for birth and serving others came through in my statement. Now I have to fundraise to fly to the interview since my family has tight income. Good luck to all!
  10. by   atomicgirl
    For those who got interviews, what specialty are you pursuing? What day is your interview? Will you be attending in person? I'm going for the Psych specialty and have my in person interview on Feb 1st.
  11. by   dn26
    Hi atomicgirl, I'm interviewing on Jan 25 for peds. Are you staying in new haven overnight? Are we supposed to research our interviewer and discuss our common interests?
  12. by   atomicgirl
    Quote from dn26
    Hi atomicgirl, I'm interviewing on Jan 25 for peds. Are you staying in new haven overnight? Are we supposed to research our interviewer and discuss our common interests?
    Hey dn26, yes I'll actually be staying a few days just to acclimate myself to the area and recover from possible jet lag (I'm flying from WA state).

    I don't think there's an explicit rule that you must research the interviewer but it would be nice.

    Where does Yale fall on your list of preferences?
  13. by   manhattandoula
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm a current GEPN thinking of all of you. I am on the CNM track. I think it will be helpful for you to know that our class comes from a wide variety of backgrounds, from total novices to seasoned pros. Some have amazing academic backgrounds, and some are artists. But each of us has incredible strengths, even though they may not be in every single area of the application. I don't think it's one thing that gets you in or doesn't. They are really putting together a diverse and capable class, so we can make an impact when we graduate in many different ways.

    If you got an interview, congratulations! The best advice I can give is that the interview is a conversation. You've already done everything. Just be yourself.

    If you didn't get an interview, I hope the right school is waiting for you! Your journey doesn't stop, it only continues to be directed. And if you are waiting until next year to apply again, spend this year improving your application and seeing where the experience leads you.

    All the best!